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March 02, 2008


My Reality

When I a so bored I can't get off the couch, I read blogs. It is probably bad that my laptop is in front of the couch!


When I'm bored, what helps me is to do something at least marginally creative -- baking, decorating, painting, taking photos, writing lyrics or poems, or even trying to find the perfect set of white dishes or perfume. Once I'm concentrating on something and my mind is fully invested in trying to make it come out the way I want it to, I feel a lot better.

Your mileage may vary....

Pamela Jeanne

Get the music out! I find that listening to great tunes inevitably distracts me enough to get me out of my funk and gets the creative juices flowing. Even dancing stupidly around the room is a way to get the blood moving again...

Hey - got a new book recommendation for you. I spent no less than an hour perusing the library biography/memoir section before I FINALLY came across my target -- a book written by a woman who didn't have children. It's called "Are You Somebody" and is written by the Dublin-based Irish Times columnist Nuala O'Faolain. I just started digging into it last night. Looks very promising.

In the meantime, give me a shout the next time your bored. We can bore each other ;-) ...

Aunt Becky

Oh, I play Free Cell when super bored. And like niobe, I distract myself with weird tasks. Like cleaning baseboards.


Thanks for commenting on my blog. I came by hear months and months ago, but lost track of your blog. I don't even know if I commented.

I am so sorry to hear of your recent loss. wish I could do more than just express that thought.

I have found that when I am really unenthusiastic, just getting outside for a walk picked me up enough to try something else. Of course, the trick is being motivated enough to go for a walk.


When I'm bored I generally have a nap. Unless I'm at work, of course.

Take care,




Age has f*** all to do with being a good mum. Listen, I was exhausted with all the years of loss i wanted to give up too, I felt drained and had no energy at all.

A break would be beneficial to you, not a long one obviously but some sort of break where you think about yourself and only yourself. Give yourself time to heal, physically and mentally and emotionally.

I'm a huge hobby fan, I have a million silly but interesting hobbies and I flit from one to the other dependant on my mood of the day, they're all distractions so think up loads and keep yourself busy. I don't know how sporty you are but it really helped me, more than I thought it would, it releases the good endorphins:)

What choice you make after that I have to leave up to you, they all sound hopeful though and I really hope one of them works.



I've just read the other comments and I have to admit housework is a great time swallower. There is always something to clean! When your back hurts and your house gleams you know you've done well and it is sort of a form of exercise. It can become addictive though so watch out :)

Ms. Planner

I agree with Art Blog, hopefully you can benefit from dedicating some time just to yourself. To heal, to renew, to fill the coffers back up so you are ready to tackle a new path or plan.

When bored, I start a crazy organizing project. Like organizing the linen closet or purging old recipes. Martha Stewart would be proud.

Hang in there.


I read gossip--and blogs. Also, cleaning: that really keeps me from being bored--my house always seems to have some sort of mess. Ill get out the vacuum and my ipod and go to down=)
And you're so right...a lot of time is spent waiting in this journey. I am so sorry you have to be at this place-and so sorry for your loss. I hope your path becomes clear soon.


I read blogs. I am rarely bored, but that is because I am so insanely busy, most of the time. I load myself with too much work, and then there's no time for boredom. It works!



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