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June 25, 2008



I'm glad you're back. Is it weird that I missed you?


Welcome back.

The whole situation must make for some really complex emotions, let alone the difficult decisions.



It's so hard. Is there any way you can separate out your feelings about going through a donor egg/surrogate pregnancy and the idea of having an actual baby?

Maybe for you, there's no distinction and you're not excited about either one. But I know that for some people there's a difference and they're willing to grit their teeth and endure a far-from-ideal pregnancy situation to have a chance at the baby they want.


There is so much to sort through. The final destination is definitely more important than the journey, but I hope that the journey you eventually choose will be one that you can grow to enjoy and feel excited about just the same. Thinking of you...


You are being an incredibly selfish person. Whether or not this baby is genetically yours shouldn't matter if you are really willing to love them. Also, maybe you should try adopting and helping a child instead of bringing another human into this world that you don't even want because they wouldn't be biologically yours.

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