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January 10, 2009



I've been thinking about you constantly. So glad to hear an update from you.

My Reality

I hope that a year from now, you are writing about what a great year 2009 was.


May I present you with a big virtual hug and a cuppa tea?

I hope 09 is your year.



Welcome back, may 2009 be full of hope....


So glad to see you back online.

Pamela Jeanne

Belatedly wishing you a very good new year full of optimism and success.

Erica Schlaefer


I am an adoptive mom who went through IF and ART for four years. I am reaching out to my fellow bloggers to introduce my new non profit, Parenthood for Me, Inc. Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those starting families through adoption or medical intervention. 2009 is about spreading awareness and building up our endowment. We plan on awarding grants to anyone who is a US citizen in Spring of 2010. The link to our website is below. Here is the link to our blog http://parenthoodforme.blogspot.com Also, I am holding an essay contest to tell the stories of other people.

Please pass the link on.

Erica Walther Schlaefer
Parenthood for Me, Inc.

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