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January 18, 2010


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That sounds pretty much like what would happen if I tried to detox. Except it would be Hershey kisses.


The detox is dead. Long live the detox.

I just read WAY too many of your posts in a row, I'm so sory I've been behind. Mate. Thinking of you, sending you peace, as you make the next decisions about ... it all.

Fucks sake. My words seem trivial - I hope you keep trying. Am I allowed to even say that? It's none of my frickin business ... I just wish this for you so so much.

Love to you C.



That's what would happen to me too. I've been doing good at watching what I eat, but today I wasn't hungry, but had the munchies at work. A cheese veggie omelet and hash browns later, I felt much better, LOL!

Pamela Jeanne

Hey my friend,

Just stopping by to see how you're doing...wishing you well as always. Pamela

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