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February 11, 2007


My Reality

It would be lovely to have a sign. One in big neon lights with flashers so you don't miss it.

I hope this February doesn't have any bad news for you.


I'll definately take one of those signs if they're going!! What a load it would take off of all our chests. Don't lose hope just because you have no symptoms, not everybody does. I think I have more symptoms the months I'm not pg. Only been pg once, but I had none. I hope this Feb changes your opinion of the month with a nice BFP!


I don’t know, I never had any symptoms with number three or four but that had nothing to do with the fact that they were abnormal! I did with one and two so you never know!

I'm currently scanning for symptoms myself seeing as I too am in the 2ww, but as I've just said you don’t always get them. I don’t think my sister got many and please g-d she’s due this week. So there’s still hope, there’s always hope. Although, if you don’t mind some assvice from humble ol me, I would keep away from sauna's and hot tubs, just in case. Exercise is fine, very beneficial actually but overheating might not be too good. But don’t worry if you did already, I don’t want to worry you!

Anyway, good luck to us, I’ll keep checking in :)


Oh...whoever invents that sign will make a lot of money.

I feel like it is less common to have symptoms. That's just my take.

I hope this February is the February that turns everything around. That comes with good news.

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