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June 13, 2007



So sorry.

It just isn't right that IVFs fail, is it? I mean really, so much effort goes into them that you would expect them to HAVE to work.

I'm hoping that the cravings don't last too long. Indulge a little, soothe your soul, then quit. It is allright.

Pamela Jeanne

Carlynn this is so poignant and so absolutely spot on in describing the indescribable. Your post captures the essence of pregnancy and IVF loss and the surreal nature of having life continue on around us as though nothing happened. The whole experience can seem like a dream, a nightmare really, that is so misunderstood. Thank you for expressing it in a way that brings some clarity to it.


I know what you mean. It does have this air of unreality, as if it never really happened, as it were something I read about in a very sad book a long time ago.


Wow, what a beautiful, if somewhat disturbing, post.
Disturbing because it makes so much sense and I never thought of it that way.

I can't believe I was ever pregnant either. It all seems like a hazy dream.

So sorry you are suffering like this. Take care. x


Nice post, sad and so true but very good all the same.

Have a choc on me sweetie :) HUGS


oh craparoo.

I find that chocolate is especially good at filling holes when you don't bolus extra for it.

Because really, who does your freakin' body think it is anyway...

Sending you hugs and virtual chocolates by the boxload.


Oh Sweetie, I am sorry. I too have eaten my way through the kitchen, for other reasons, and your post reverberates. Just so sorry.


Now I want cookies. And to give you a hug. And more cookies.

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