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June 18, 2007



Your welcome Carlynn, Enjoy Hope Week.
All the best for your FET on Wednesday !

This Commentathon is fun I am discovering all these new blogs :)


I'm in that Hope Week right now... after 2 years, you'd think I would have learned my lesson!?


Carlynn, thanks for writing such a lovely entry and including my blog in with your thoughts. That means so much to me! Wishing you well during the commentathon and in the years ahead. I'm so glad I found your piece. you have some beautiful ideas.


I loved the posts you mentioned by Jenna and Vee too! Its incredible to read something someone else wrote that mirrors your thoughts and emotions so clearly. I found your blog via the Commentathon, and it sure won't be my last visit :)


Thanks for the virtual hug...I am sure I will be using it. I also read those two blogs and thought they were written so eloquently. Sorry about your loss..


Hope Week. How descriptive is that. And how sad that we all immediately know what it means.

FWIW I'm sorry and I'd love to just listen x

Pamela Jeanne

Isn't it amazing how just an acknowledgement without commentary can do the trick? Like you, I say, save the advice. I'll take the quiet pause and warm, heartfelt hug any day!


I hear you. Listening is something that is so hard for those around us. I think they just want to 'fix' things...or make it better for us somehow.


I totally understand about just wanting people to say, "I'm sorry".

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