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June 06, 2007



I think what you point out in the first question really is the crux of the matter. Is my body saying "no" or "not this time" and how long do we wait to find out before considering other options? Great thoughts.


I agree with your answer to the first question completely. It's such a shock when you consider yourself to be healthy to find out that you are "broken."

Ellen K.

"It is letting go of a world I know and love, even if there is another wonderful world waiting for me."

Very well said. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book.


This is definitely my favourite thought: Is your body saying, “No,” or is it saying, “Not this time,”?

And you just don't know. And it's a matter of which side you believe the most that drives your next actions (I'm going with "not this time" right now...).


I really liked your answer to #2.

Letting go...something that the harder you try, the less you succeed.

Good review. Thanks.


Like the idea that you're getting yourself pregnant. Fertile women can't really claim any bravos for the conception, but we certainly can. We can say, hey - I did that. Me.


Pamela Jeanne

I completely relate to your disassociation with your body. I have some pretty wicked asthma and not only do I envy women whose bodies can get pregnant, I also envy those who can breathe effortlessly all the time. The outward look of health I project also makes me wonder sometimes how my body can be so out of tune with what it was designed to do.

Your description of your family's fascination with its own biological connectedness was powerful. That would be a very hard one for me to face on a regular basis so I can see how you'd be concerned about how that might affect a child not biologically in the inner circle.

Hair shirt. That's a great descriptor for the awful and constant torture that repeated monthly failures can feel like.

Good thoughts. Thanks for your insights.

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