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April 27, 2010



Hi,I came across your blog while surfing about insemination.I did 5 times IUI
nothing works out.I really wish to talk to you through my email or phone,If you have time,please email me at pappububly@gmail.com.I will send you my ph.number.I need your consoling words.I believe in miracles..my 1st cousin sister is now pregnant after 15 years of marriage.my 2nd cousin sister got her child aftr 7 yrs of marriage.I belive in miracles,after these 2 incidents.Both of them are 5 months pregnant now april 26/2010.Let us hope for the best my dear friend..

With care,


Maybe you could send the woman this post and just say "Thinking of you. Would love to connect if you feel up for it" and see if she responds. Your insight might be more welcomed that you think.

Aunt Becky

I like what Lyrehca said. I'm putting off something I need so desperately to do, as well, because I don't know what to say. But it's time. It really is.

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